Casa is created at the intersection of a vision towards the future and today's most lasting impressions.
A constantly explored comfort, quality and aesthetic approach gets remade each time according to your lifestyle. Casa makes stunning, high-tech and superior products in diverse concepts, pervading all walks of life with five different brands. With more than half a century of experience, it offers elegant comfort and quality with a free-spirited and innovative design philosophy.

Casa Studio

Studio is the brainchild of an exploration that focuseson the production process and blends modern styles withfunctional dynamics. Its design credo accentuates artisticand notable trends of emerging lifestyles along with convenienceand cutting-edge technology.

Discover the graceful style of Casa Studio.


Casa Classic

Casa Classic fuses first-rate materials with the most chic archetypes of design from antiquity to today. With the use of diverse and high-quality materials in each design, it turns even the most ordinary room into a fashionable and comfortable space with an avant-garde feel and handcrafted engravings.

Discover the enchanting style of Casa Classic.


Casa International

With Casa’s more than half a century of experience, its harmonious intersection of design innovations and classic interpretations, and its luxury, comfort and quality blended with art and aesthetics: We bring you the International Series. For those who like to accentuate exceptional workmanship in a unique and gracious form, the International Series uses exclusive materials while applying superior quality workmanship with concepts that set the tone with elegance in spaces.

Discover the impressive style of Casa International.


Casa Outdoor

The Casa Outdoor Series offers the most convenient and chic garden, pool-side, terrace and balcony furniture by combining sturdy materials, functional use and utmost comfort designed through extensive research.

Discover the unique style of Casa Outdoor.